What is happening to our Main Streets in rural downtowns across this country? In most places, they are dying.  Gone are the centers of population density, social interaction and local commerce. Once the most vibrant, exciting and prosperous areas in our communities, our Main Streets, are now hollow shells of their former selves. They have been reduced to crumbling historic buildings with vacant store fronts and long-abandoned upper stories.  They are in a period of deep decline, which threatens to erode our sense of place and along with it our identities.  Who is going to save our downtowns and reinvest in them for the 21st century?  

The answer is: you are.

Community-led revitalization. It will save our rural downtowns that are losing population to larger urban centers.  Recognizing that a vibrant downtown is the key to the health and wealth of all, community leaders are stepping up to become developers.  Businesses, institutions, citizens — they are banding together to make investments on Main Street, saving their historic places, creatively adapting them to meet modern day needs — restaurants, cafes, galleries, co-working and maker-spaces, retail, services, boutique hotels and rental housing.  Mixed-use — residential and commercial — housing in the upper stories and commerce in the lower levels. Residents have goods and services footsteps away.  Businesses have clients at their doors.  It is a synergy that activates Main Street.  

It is not a new concept but a modern twist on an old idea. Businesses, institutions, citizens — they’ve partnered to improve their communities for centuries. Today, community revitalization is overly complicated and expensive.  Development is a thick fog of rigorous permitting, convoluted regulations, serious legal implications and complex financial transactions, often costing three times what it will be worth.  Leaders cannot do it without a trusted advisor to help them navigate through the fog to find clarity.  

M&S Development is this trusted advisor. They are purpose-driven.  Main Streets.  Historic buildings.  Vibrant downtowns.  This is what they do.  Their mission is to “empower community revitalization.”  They understand that a single impactful project can inject energy and activity, creating a ripple effect of continued public and private investment, naturally driving the local and regional economies. Problem-solvers — complex projects are their specialty.  Their team provides comprehensive real estate development, transaction structuring and tax-credit-financing expertise to diverse, multifaceted projects with deep social and economic impacts.  Their vertically integrated consulting services mean they can shepherd their clients through complex projects, from design conception to financial close, through construction and lease up, maximizing value while minimizing cost.  They are a new breed of development consultants, operating with a mission to transform rural downtowns.  

Of course, M&S Development’s office is located on Main Street, in the heart of downtown Brattleboro, Vermont.  M&S is the sister company to Stevens & Associates.  Together they form a multidisciplinary group that has been serving the Monadnock and Southern Vermont regions for more than 25 years.  If you love your downtown, contact us and learn how to begin your community revitalization effort.  Call: 802-246-2100 or Visit:  www.msdevelopmentllc.com