Organizers of Radically Rural engaged the help of a … chicken … to help market the two-day summit.  

Helen, seen here in her various photo shoots with entrepreneurs and business leaders in the region has become Radically Rural’s celebrity. She is also this issue’s cover girl. Helen was selected after an extensive Facebook search for a photogenic, friendly hen with all the engaging and intelligent qualities that make up the character of Radically Rural.

Helen is about five years old and, according to her bio, “was plucked from obscurity” by her chicken mom, Amy Brewer of Wilton, three years ago.

“She was found abandoned, dirty with mites and lice and her feet were badly misshapen from neglect,” says Brewer. “It took months to nurse her back to health, but Helen is a fighter.”

Once Helen was back on her feet, her star quality personality began to shine through. 

“She loves people, will follow you around and sit on your lap for hours watching TV by the fire,” Brewer says.

Helen loves baths and having her feathers fluffed with a blow dryer. 

“She likes car rides,” says Brewer, to her favorite destination, Tractor Supply.

And, she clearly loves posing for photos. Throughout the campaign, Helen was seen around town, modeling in the boardroom of Savings Bank of Walpole (as seen on the cover), in the streets of Keene (a la Beatles style) and in the arms of many Radically Rural supporters.

Terrence Williams, president of The Keene Sentinel and an organizer of Radically Rural, says Helen’s arrival adds celebrity to the event, which has as its goal attracting 800 people this year.

“It wasn’t easy signing on Helen,” Williams notes, “but now that she’s part of the team, it’s true poultry in motion.”