PETERBOROUGH – The U.S. Small Business Administration announced the winners of the Makerspace Training, Collaboration and Hiring (MaTCH) Pilot Competition. The SBA awarded $1 million in prize money to competition winners, which included $100,000 awarded to Monadnock Art X Tech (MAxT) in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Makerspaces are uniquely positioned to help innovate training for the workforces of today and tomorrow, and spur economic development across the country. These spaces are open to people focused on obtaining new skills, including current and aspiring entrepreneurs. “I am excited to announce that two New England Makerspaces have been selected as winners of this competition,” said Wendell Davis, regional administrator for the SBA New England Regional Office. “These organizations will be able to directly support vocational education, job placement and provide and economic boost in their communities.” The SBA’s MaTCH Pilot Competition awarded grants according to the following tiers: Monadnock Art X Tech (MAxT) in Peterborough, New Hampshire is a “Proof of Principle” winner that received a $100,000 award. MAxT Makerspace developed a partnership with a local steel contractor, Guillou Construction in Milford, New Hampshire, with the objective of helping to address the growing need for qualified welders in construction and industry. MAxT will use the award from SBA’s MaTCH competition to invest in capacity building improvements and to graduate more certified participants who will be trained to immediately enter into employment opportunities.  To find out about the complete list of awardees across the country visit: