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On a pleasant spring day a few years ago, Jill Carson was enjoying some outdoor play time with her granddaughter. The focus of the play: bubbles. It was fun, but with her instinctive sense of quality control, Carson noticed that the bubbles and the medium of play were generally deficient. The bubbles tended to burst quickly. The liquid used to form the bubbles was messy and ineffective.

The experience generated an epiphany, which translated quickly into an admirably simple and focused business objective: “To create and develop the Best Bubbles Ever!!! Giant Big Bubbles!!! Bubbles that would last!!!”

In some ways, Carson’s entrepreneurial story follows the classic arc of the American entrepreneurial narrative. Carson clearly identified a market niche, where a promising avenue of demand opened the opportunity for innovating a product that outstrips other available products in both innovation and quality.

Three years later, after working festivals, events and fairs, Far Out Bubbles has grown from a home-based business into a larger operation based in a local warehouse.

The journey has so far been successful. Carson’s bubble kits have won awards, including the impressive Product of the Year (2017) award from Creative Child Magazine.

But even while her business thrives and evolves, Carson doesn’t forget that spring day — the experience that led to, and continues to drive her work: “Bubbles are a way in today’s world to have simple fun, they communicate simple pleasure and joy… [W]atching the dance of the bubbles in the movement of the wind, is the ‘magic’ that transforms people … It’s just awesome and Far Out!!!” T

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