Area Airbnb Hosts Earn $850K in 2018

Airbnb hosts in Cheshire County earned a hefty sum in 2018, according to a news release. Airbnb allows travelers to book reservations, short- or long-term, with homeowners through an online platform. Hosts in Cheshire County earned $850,700 through the platform last year and saw 6,800 guest arrivals, the release from Airbnb said. Cheshire County is second to last in New Hampshire in guest arrivals and host income, falling far behind Carroll County in the top slot with 72,600 visitors. Neighboring Sullivan and Hillsborough counties hosted 7,900 and 21,100 visitors, respectively. Overall, 3,500 hosts across New Hampshire earned about $31 million in 2018, welcoming around 251,000 visitors.