At a Glance

Name: Vivian Cubilla-Lindblom

Age: 38

Hometown: Grew up in Asuncion, Paraguay; moved to the United States in 2000 and lived in Keene for more than five years before moving to Charlotte, N.C., six months ago

Family: Husband, Guy

Lindblom, and two dogs

Occupation: Owner of Maple Nut Kitchen in Swanzey

Education: B.S. in business management from Kansas State University and Master’s of Science in finance from the University of Tampa in Florida

Question: What was the biggest challenge you faced in starting your business?

Answer: “The biggest challenge was preparing myself for the growth. I understood from the beginning that experiencing too quick of growth would bring its own set of problems — such as having to manufacture larger volumes of product too quickly, a need for cash to ramp up and meet the demand, and the daunting task of hiring employees quickly. This journey has been a learning process, and I decided that in the first three years I wanted to first become really good at being an entrepreneur, and that we needed to grow steadily (not too quick but not too slow).”

Question: Do you have any

advice for anyone hoping to start their own business?

“Be authentic, believe in yourself and allow yourself to be inspired and take risks. Once you identify what it is that you love, don’t budge or let anyone talk you out of it (including you). And don’t be afraid to ask for help. Use local resources that are available, such as the SBDC, SCORE and the Hannah Grimes Center if you live in the area. They are all fantastic and are able to

provide great entrepreneurial guidance; I would really advise taking advantage of these resources that are available.”

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