Names: Rich and Traci Booth

Ages: 64 and 63

Hometown: Originally from Aurora and Boulder, Colo., respectively; moved to Chesterfield in 1989; Swanzey residents since 2013

Family: Son, Richard Booth 3rd, 44; daughter, Angela Fisher, 43; grandchildren, Maya, 12, and Gracie, 8

Education: High school degrees for both; Traci later earned a certified dental assistant degree from Flint Hills Area Vocational School in Kansas

Occupation: Rich is a retired nuclear power technician with Vermont Yankee, and Traci is an administrative assistant at Dental Health Works in Keene.

Question: What was your first experience catching the theater bug?

Answer: Rich: “Well, in 6th grade, I was the Wizard of Oz in ‘Oz!’ I got to make a papier-mache Oz head, so that was pretty cool. And then I really didn’t do anything until she dragged me into it after we came up here.”

Both, simultaneously: “Kicking and screaming.”

Traci: “I’ve been doing it ever since I was a kid. I’ve always been on stage performing. I’m real comfortable on stage. And it’s just been more in the last 20 years or so here. Once our kids grew up, I was able to really do that whole thing because I was done being a mom. And then we got to do this, and I’ve been so blessed.”

Question: How would you describe that feeling of two or three days out from a show, when things are still going wrong?

Answer: Traci: “One of my quotes that I tell — because I direct a lot — that I always tell my cast is, ‘I’m not impressed when you’re doing great. I know you’re gonna be great. You’re well rehearsed, everything. What impresses me is what you do when things aren’t going great. How you get out of it.’ ”

Both: “How you cover.”

Traci: “ ‘What you do, how well you know your material. That’s what impresses me.’ ”

Rich: “If you can seamlessly fix mistakes — somebody forgets lines, you know — if the cast can pick it up and keep going with it.”

Traci: “A missed entrance.”

Rich: “Then that’s impressive.”