Name: Peggy Jaeger

Age: 58

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.; Keene resident since 1994

Family: Husband, Dr. Larry Jaeger, an ophthalmologist at Cheshire Medical Center; daughter, Erin Jaeger of New Jersey

Occupation: Romance novelist; former optical technician at Cheshire Medical Center

Education: Bachelor of Science in nursing from Hunter College in Manhattan; Master of Science in nursing with a specialty in administration from Wagner College in Staten Island, N.Y.

Hobbies: Sewing, embroidery, crafts, cooking — “a lot of right-brain stuff”

Fun fact: “I can recite the entire ‘Wizard of Oz’ movie along with it. And I’m a great mimic.”

Question: You get up very early to write every day — 4 a.m. Do you drink coffee to awaken?

Answer: “No. My preferred drink is Diet Mountain Dew.”