Age: 28

How long have you lived in Keene: A total of 22 years

Family: Married to my wife Allison, we have one son named Charles who was just born this past May. Many of my family currently live in Keene and the surrounding towns.

Education: Graduate from Keene High school, Studies Liberal Arts at River Valley Community College here in Keene

Occupation: Produce Manager at the Monadnock Food Co-op

Organizations to which you belong/have belonged: Board of Directors for Culinary Journeys

Public/government service: City of Keene Agriculture Commission

1. Why are you running for an at-large seat on the City Council?

I believe holding an elected position can be one of the strongest ways to create change within our city and inspire others. One main reason for choosing an at-large seat is that I would like to purchase a home within the next four years and wouldn’t want to have to leave a term early do to relocating. I feel I have the ability to reach a boarder group of people rather than just my ward to hear all concerns and ideas for improving the city.

2. What should the council’s role be in trying to make the city more attractive for business?

People misunderstand the council’s role a lot, think they just wave a wand and make things happen but it is truly a collaborative effort with city staff and the community. One of their key roles is that they decide on city ordinances and zoning so those need to be met with the interest of making Keene easier to work with. We need to take time to hear and meet with potential new business to listen to what they need and understand hurdles they may have. We could even help them work through some of the processes and applications so that we can create a culture that uplifts and encourages new businesses coming to our community.

3. What issue doesn’t get enough attention by city leaders?

Opioid Crisis, Homelessness, improving housing availability, looking into ways for lowering our tax rates, encouraging more events like the Walldog Murals, improving sidewalks downtown.