Monday 05/02/2016
Party politics make it clear who's in control of our elections
Posted: May 02, 2016

This year’s presidential election has done us all a favor. It’s exposed our political process, especially the control over it exerted by the Democratic and Republican parties, as a broken system.

Sunday 05/01/2016
A drug-treatment center might be right for Maplewood
Posted: May 01, 2016

The latest news in the protracted conversation on the future of Cheshire County’s nursing home is that county officials are mulling converting the Maplewood Nursing Home complex on River Road in Westmoreland into a drug treatment center should the nursing home move elsewhere.

Friday 04/29/2016
Against its will, Franklin Pierce has a new women's basketball coach
Posted: April 29, 2016

Franklin Pierce University hired a new women’s basketball coach this month. Such actions are fairly frequent in college sports. Few and far between are those coaches who can build a program and remain in place for decades. Most last but a few years.

Thursday 04/28/2016
Volunteer firefighters were the real story
Posted: April 28, 2016

For some of us, the revelation that a volunteer firefighter may have started two stubborn brush fires in Stoddard last week might have provoked a sense of familiar irony. The “plot twist” of a firefighter-turned-arsonist has been used in books and TV, and it’s no flight of fancy.

Wednesday 04/27/2016
The state would be right to ban local sex-offender bans
Posted: April 27, 2016

There’s certainly an emotional component to lawmaking and governance. How could we enact laws without first agreeing on what behavior is acceptable and, more to the point, what is beyond the pale? How could we determine equitable punishments without factoring in the emotional impact of the crime?

Monday 04/25/2016
Tech's white knight presses the limits of 'fair use'
Posted: April 25, 2016

A week ago, Google emerged victorious in a decade-long battle over copyright laws, as the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of a lower court ruling that Google’s appropriation of millions of books to create a “digital library” is OK.

Sunday 04/24/2016
Keene housing provides needed Internet access
Posted: April 24, 2016

Financial stability brings with it all sorts of advantages: having the funds necessary to feel secure in having a roof over your head; knowing a healthful meal is in your future; getting timely treatment for medical issues; ready access to reliable transportation.

Friday 04/22/2016
Environmental action is necessary at all levels
Posted: April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day! Each April 22 or so, since 1970, many Americans and others have celebrated the planet we inhabit, with a focus on stewardship and protecting those natural resources upon which we all rely.

Thursday 04/21/2016
Pipeline plan was flawed, but we need to assess energy needs
Posted: April 21, 2016

The Northeast Energy Direct pipeline, which Kinder-Morgan subsidiary Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. proposed to push fracked gas from Pennsylvania to eastern Massachusetts — and beyond — was met with rabid opposition from the start. In its most recent iteration, its path would pass through 72 miles of southern New Hampshire, including five Monadnock Region towns.

Wednesday 04/20/2016
Rage within the machine reflects a trend
Posted: April 20, 2016

In today’s age of victimhood, everything that doesn’t go our way is seen as a slap in the face, an intentional, conspiratorial attempt to injure, oppress or degrade our spirit, steal our money and co-opt our rights.

Monday 04/18/2016
The USPS is facing tough times, and Congress isn't helping
Posted: April 18, 2016

A week ago, those who continue to use the U.S. mail to send messages to others got a happy break, as the cost of sending a regular first-class letter dropped from 49 cents to 47 cents.

Sunday 04/17/2016
Loss of Greenerborough deeper than environmental interest
Posted: April 17, 2016

Lacking funds and enough volunteer manpower, the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce pulled the plug this week on its Greenerborough Expo.

No hunt is a win for bobcats and more
Posted: April 17, 2016

More than one population scored a victory this past week when N.H. Fish and Game Executive Director Glenn Normandeau pulled a plan to reinstate the hunting and trapping season for bobcats.

Friday 04/15/2016
Pay for Success plan could give young students a leg up
Posted: April 15, 2016

In a state notoriously stingy with public funding for education, we might expect a plan that could get many students off to a better start, thereby lessening the cost of educating them, would be hailed in Concord. Better still would be such a plan paid for by private donations, with taxpayers being tapped only if the students showed progress at set guideposts.

Thursday 04/14/2016
Monadnock International Film Festival a boon to region
Posted: April 14, 2016

The fourth annual Monadnock International Film Festival kicks off today. In its first three years, the event has become established as having firm roots and a long reach.

Wednesday 04/13/2016
VA scandal hits home
Posted: April 13, 2016

There are many instances where one might respond to news from elsewhere with the thought: At least it’s not us.

Tuesday 04/12/2016
Every kid deserves to be properly equipped on school's First day
Posted: April 12, 2016

Education and economic stability are intertwined tightly at every level: U.S. states with higher average personal incomes — such as New Hampshire — fare better on national standardized testing and are considered to have better schools than those states with higher levels of poverty. Likewise, children whose families are more financially stable stand a better chance of getting good grades and moving on to higher education.

Sunday 04/10/2016
It's time to do what we can to prepare for, and mitigate, climate change
Posted: April 10, 2016

For the past two decades, at least, American politicians, among others, have debated the causes — indeed, the very existence — of climate change.

Friday 04/08/2016
The state rightly extends health care access
Posted: April 08, 2016

We applaud the N.H. Legislature and Gov. Maggie Hassan for reauthorizing the N.H. Patient Protection Program — also known as Medicaid expansion — for another two years. It was a necessary move that not only aids tens of thousands of Granite Staters who otherwise could not afford health insurance, but will also bolster the state’s economy in several ways.

Thursday 04/07/2016
Keene City Council may have something to say on pipeline
Posted: April 07, 2016

Keene’s City Council will likely vote tonight to have city staffers draft a letter to the state Public Utilities Commission regarding the proposed Northeast Energy Direct natural gas pipeline.

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