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Don't miss the chance to bring your unneutered cat to the last clinic of the year, happening Dec. 14. Neutering not only enhances your pet’s health and contentment, it reduces the cost of pet … Read more

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Coram the grizzly bear developed a bad habit as a youngster of raiding trash cans, ripping into dog food bags and stealing bread from pickup trucks. Now he’s a 600-pound adult who puts these r… Read more

Cygnus and Arcturus are two Detroit-area cats with some very big claims to fame. Arcturus, a spotted Savannah who measures 19.05 inches high, in the fall won the Guinness World Record for tall… Read more

Buy a pie, help a greyhound! Order your Thanksgiving pies from Fast Friends and you'll be helping the greyhounds as well as getting a delicious treat. Our wonderful volunteer bakers are standi… Read more

When it comes to your pooch and your bed, the verdict is in. For a good night’s sleep, there’s no need to let the dog out of the bedroom when you’re ready to go to sleep. A recent Mayo Clinic … Read more

Open to anyone interested in Therapy Dog work! Monadnock Therapy Pets meets monthly at the Training Center on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. The November 8 meeting, like all me… Read more

Have you ever seen a donkey become a butterfly? Or maybe a donkey dressed as a farmer in overalls and a straw hat? What about a donkey thinking he is Pegasus, the famous winged horse from Gree… Read more

Monadnock Humane Society will hold its 15th Annual Hair Ball on Saturday, October 14th — themed “Beauty of the Beast” — this year to be held at the Monadnock Humane Society's Swanzey headquart… Read more

Lovers of the pug breed are attracted to their cute, flat faces, the snorting noises they make, their clown-like behaviors and overall big personalities. Read more